24 News HD is an Urdu language current affairs television channel in Pakistan based in Lahore, launched in 2015. Channel 24 seeks to enlighten its viewers with motto “Har Izhar, Qabil-e-Itbaar Ba Khabr 24 Ghantey” and quality analysis from renowned journalists and anchors. 24 News HD Stemming away from the traditional news channel, Channel 24 will be a unique channel offering invigorating discussions and mentally stimulating news analysis. 24 News HD will not only be providing an enlightened vision and analysis for its viewership but will also be a pioneer and trendsetter in infotainment on Pakistani airwaves.

24 News HD will be offering unparalleled scrutiny to the current affairs in Pakistan and around the globe. Having offices in Washington DC, New York, London, Dubai, Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, Channel 24 will be broadcasting from all corners of the world providing its viewers with thorough and comprehensive analysis of the numerous political issues facing our world today. The main focus of Channel 24 Live streaming is the Asian users residing in UK, USA, and Canada.

Channel 24 broadcasts the following programs:

  • Ab Masood Raza Keh Saath
  • Breakfast with Sajjad Mir
  • Bol Apney Liyai
  • DNA with Arif Nizami
  • Doc 24
  • Investigator 24
  • Khara Sach Luqman Keh Saath
  • Mujahid Live
  • Sona Chandi ka Pakistan
  • Nasim Zehra @8
  • Q Kay Jomhoriyat hai
  • Anjaam